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Welcome to my blog. 

Writing about one's self, has got to be one of the most daunting tasks. Firstly, I am mumble years old,  the mother to 2 adult kids and Nana to 3 awesome grandsons
Arlo, Neeson and Foden.
I am originally from New Zealand having made my way here to Australia a whole lot of years ago.  I have never regretted the choice. I love it here.

When I moved to Australia I met up with the most amazing man, an old  school jack (sailor) who is now my husband. Scottish born, with a truly bastardised accent he is the light of my life.  He is still a serving member of the RAN and there have been times over the years when folk have asked me if I was actually married, such is Navy life.

Together we try to live a sustainable and simpler lifestyle, one that now sees' me living with Parkinson's Disease.

I am also a tree hugging, dirt worshipping, daughter of the Goddess. A Pagan woman happily walking the path of the old ones. 

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